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Staffáci na zahraničných skautských akciách sú prezývaní IST. Tento článok vám podrobne opíše, čo to znamená byť IST na Európskom Jamboree 2020. Keďže jedna z požiadaviek je ovládať angličtinu na komunikačnej úrovni, článok je v angličtine – vaša prvá skúška, či spĺňate podmienky 🙂

  • Cena pre IST: 300€
  • Deadline prihlasovania IST: 31.12.2019
  • Miesto: Gdańsk, Poľsko
  • Kontakt: team@ej2020.sk
  • Ďalšie informácie: ej2020.org

A nezabudnite, že máte posledných pár dní na prihlásenie!


The European Jamboree is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and is open to Scouts and Guides aged between 14 and 18 years old.

The European Jamboree is being hosted by The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and will take place on Sobieszewo Island, Gdańsk in Poland. The Jamboree is being planned and prepared by a large volunteer team drawn from a number of National Scout Organizations and Member Organizations around Europe.

For 11 days, European Jamboree will gather young people from all over the world in Gdańsk, Poland to celebrate Scout and Guide Values, strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood, give the opportunity to young people to meet and learn from each other and what’s the most important to ACT together!

The main theme of the European Jamboree is ACT and the programme is based on the three pillars:

  • WAKE UP Every Scout and Guide possesses potential to become a driver of social change. They are invited to come to the Jamboree to WAKE UP and discover their power! They will interACT with Scouts and Guides of various cultures, various languages and various countries.
  • LOOK AROUND Scouts and Guides will use their time at the Jamboree to LOOK AROUND (the Global Goals will guide them), to learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions, and inspiring workshops.
  • ACT and finally, using their skills and knowing where the helping hand is needed, they will ACT and make a change in the society. B
24th World Scout Jamboree, in Summit Bechtel Reserve, West-Virginia, USA – Les IST au camp de base “E“. Photo © Jean-Pierre POUTEAU 2019


Becoming an International Service Team member is a unique opportunity to join the adventure of the biggest European Scout and Guide event of summer 2020 – the European Jamboree to support its organization and to contribute to the Scouting and Guiding Movement and the development of young people. Becoming IST is a true life changing experience and an opportunity for leaders to develop their skills.

Can I be an IST?

Scouts and Guides who are at least 18 years old on the first day of the Jamboree (born on or before 27th of July 2002) are welcome to join the IST. IST members should be able to communicate in English and be ready to perform any tasks necessary for the Jamboree. In addition, they must attend the Jamboree as part of a National Contingent.

How to plan my attendance?

International Service Team members should plan to arrive two days prior to the first day of the Jamboree – on 25th July 2020, and depart two days after the Jamboree ends – on 8th August 2020. Please note that some roles may require earlier arrival (e.g. the ones connected with the site construction) – please see further in the Catalogue.

Very briefly about my IST Experience?

As a member of the International Service Team at the European Jamboree 2020 you will be part of a team of adults who have volunteered to support and cooperate with the organisers to ensure the success of that event. The IST will have a schedule of allocated work tasks as well as inspiring programme offer and other activities to attend in their free time. IST members are expected to work hard and help run the Jamboree. Nevertheless, they will also participate in the IST Experience programme. There will be ceremonies and activities for the IST just as there will be social time every day to spend with new and old friends. The IST Experience will be built on three pillars: Service, Free Time Activities (rest, personal development, fun) and Adventure. The IST have a crucial role to play in making the event a success and we have every confidence that we can succeed in our mission by working as a team. Through your work and dedication, we hope to make the European Jamboree the adventure of a lifetime for all those that take part. Your time as a member of the European Jamboree 2020 IST will be very hard work, but we also hope it will be enormously rewarding and a lot of fun!

Basic requirements for the international service team

To be a member of the International Service Team, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old on the first day of the Jamboree (born on or before 27th of July 2002).
  • Be a registered member of a recognised National Scout Organization of the World Organization of the Scout Movement or Member Organization of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts.
  • Be a member of the National Contingent.
  • Complete the registration process through the application form (Contingent will provide you the link to the registration form).
  • Be at the European Jamboree site two days prior to the first day of the Jamboree – on 25th July 2020, and depart two days after the Jamboree ends – on 8th August 2020 (unless stated otherwise in the Catalogue).
  • Be able to communicate in English.
  • Be flexible, willing and committed to work hard with the possibility of being accepted and assigned to a role which requires long hours or work at various times of the day (including at night in some areas).
  • Be willing to play a full and active part in a team with members of the International Service Team from many countries around the world whilst understanding and being compassionate towards the needs of others.
  • Maintain the Scouting and Guiding spirit by being cheerful and pleasant to work with, even when discouraged or tired.

Introduction to the international sercive team work

To support the European Jamboree organization a team of approximately 3,000 adult volunteers from Europe and many other countries around the world will be required for ensuring the smooth running of the event.

Activities that members of the International Service Team will be involved in supporting fall into one of the following core Operational Areas:

  • Programme Operational Area
  • Contingents Operational Area
  • Communications Operational Area
  • Safety Operational Area
  • Venue Planning Operational Area
  • Site Operations Operational Area
  • Finance Operational Area
  • Coordination and Executive Support Operational Area

As an IST member you are expected to provide service during the working hours required, in a timely and conscientious manner. In addition, some roles may involve working as teams, some may involve periods of extended working hours or working at night, but this will depend on the role.

You are furthermore expected to respect the code of conduct agreed on for the European Jamboree, be respectful of the different cultures present, be helpful, supportive and have a positive outlook towards the tasks and people present.

And of course, FUN is a given! With a large group of Scouts and Guides from around the world sharing their abilities, stories and experiences, fun is guaranteed. That sort of sharing also leads to picking up new skills, of which there will be plenty of opportunity during the European Jamboree. And we truly believe that you will leave the Jamboree with new friends, sense of fulfilment and joy of fellowship associated with such a truly international Scouting and Guiding event.

Members of the International Service Team will be given time off to enjoy the Jamboree; to explore the Jamboree site; take part in some of the adult activities; meet new people; play games; or catch up on some sleep!

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